Art is Fun

My name is David Umemoto, I am a visual artist with an obsession with architecture. In my day job I design and cast concrete sculptures. The rest of the time here is what I do...

I believe that art should be playful and accessible to everyone. I hope you'll have as much fun making these objects at home as I had designing them !

Please do not hesitate to write to me to share your thoughts, comments or ideas.


    the schematics in PDF or vector files


    on selected media

    CUT & FOLD

    to assemble

Modern Houses - 8 Model set

Folding a "Tiny House"

DIY Paper Art Projects

BUILDING BRICKS SCHEMATICS / Downloadable instructions to build them yourself

Model no.7 : Sculpt-Former

Model no.9 : Sculpt-Former


Limited, Unique and Handmade Editions